Digital Marketing Consultant - Faizan Ansari

Faizan Ansari, digital marketing consultant, trainer & entrepreneur based in Dubai.

Faizan is a growth strategist, working with brands, startups & SMEs to help them grow with the right digital marketing strategies.

Heading business of a fact-paced, growth-driven, intelligent digital marketing agency, working with various industries across the middle east & Africa.

✔️ A results-driven digital marketing professional with over a decade of experience. ✔️ Experience of working with brands, startups, and SMEs. ✔️ Successfully executed the strategy, planning, and implementation of various projects/campaigns for Digital Marketing, Social Media, Content Marketing, SEO, Programmatic Ads, Marketing Automation, Websites, & Mobile Apps & other digital products. ✔️ Strategically handled 360 digital marketing & integrated marketing campaigns. ✔️ Markets that I have worked for: GCC, MENA, Africa, UK

Core Expertise

👉 Digital Strategy & Planning 👉 Performance Marketing (Social, Serch, Display, Programmatic) 👉 Social Media & Content Strategy 👉 Lead Generation Campaigns 👉 Marketing Automation (Hubspot, Pardot, Kajabi) 👉 Customer Value Optimization 👉 Media Planning 👉 Handling advertising & marketing budgets 👉 Planning Integrated Marketing Campaigns (Digital, Social, PR & Offline)

Welcome once again to Faizanization...

Digital Marketing Stratgy

The key to success with your marketing activities is the right strategy that holds your brand together, be it social media marketing or overall digital marketing.

It is not about posting on right channels or on right times, it is about investing your time and resources in the right direction with calculated efforts to drive ROI for your business.

Creating a right digital marketing strategy start from working on your business objectives and aligning them with the digital KPIs.

If you are coming to my blog for the first time, I recommend you read these two blogs which would help you better understand the approach I encourage people to take while working with digital marketing strategy.

Before you start wasting your precious money on paid digital media campaigns, I would like you to get your base correct. Explore the posts, and let me know in comments if you have any doubts or queries.

Building Digital Marketing Capabilities

No doubt digital has become the top most priority for the strategists when it comes to overall growth of the Company. The advance technology has totally transformed the face of marketing and sales. To sustain in an ever growing world of cut-throat competition, where the competition is not leaving any opportunity, you got to find a way out to stay ahead in the competition. When it comes to digital marketing, people usually just think of marketing in digital spectrum. Which...

11 Most Common Digital Marketing Mistakes You Should Avoid

Have you tried digital marketing and it did not work for you? Have outsourced it to someone but you were not satisfied with the results? Have you stopped investing in digital as it does not get you the results you need? Well, read this blog and you might find the digital marketing mistakes that you would have probably made. Those might be the mistakes which lead to failure of your campaigns. If you are yet to start, here is how...

Social Media & Business

We have reached a point where there is no debate about Social Media being crucial for your business

However, the debate is not about whether to be on social media or not, the debate is about what to do and what not to do for your business on social media channels.

The question is what can bring results and what would not. There is so much already spoken about, there is so much already discussed, but we can still see how much people are struggling to drive results using social media.

If you are new to the social media business, or if you using social media for the first time to drive your business objectives, you need to get your concepts right.

Check out a few of these blogs that I had written long back but still stands true and can surely help you understand social media space better.

7 Proven Steps to Succeed In Social Media Marketing

Every business owner, every marketer, every freelancer and every individual who is involved in the process of helping a business grow, is now focused on getting good results from social media. But as a matter of fact, they mostly fail and their respective management or investors ask to slash the budgets for social media! This happens very often and there are several reasons for the same. Let's debate the reasons for failures in some other post, here in this...

8 Questions to create an effective social media presence

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, a marketing manager or someone who is responsible to grow your business and have tried your hands with social media marketing. But nothing has worked out for you yet, there may be some basic mistakes that you are making. I understand that you must be overwhelmed with the information available online. You don't know where to begin, what to do what to check and whatever you try seems to be...