Time to recognize social media as the marketing marvel

Globally, around 3 billion users are estimated to be on various social media sites. Most of us would check our social networking sites at least once a day.

The popular social media sites where the majority of the global population are on are, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat. And you can see a lot of people spending time on TikTok these days. In China the most popular social media network is WeChat. And how can we remove WhatsApp from being a social media platform. It has friends, families, groups and now even stories.

There are many more social platforms but as a business owner, you need to decide where you want to market your products based on your target customers. Today, most people are online not just to interact with family and friends, but to know what’s going on around the globe, and also to know the latest trends.

Social Media is the ideal market place to be, set your goals and reach out to the masses. If you as a brand do not have goals or have a strategy, you are missing out on the opportunities to grow your customers, increasing your brand value, and losing out on your market space.

Knowing your market

There are a number of social platforms where you can market your products on. It is very important to first identify which platforms or channels would be most suitable to your business needs.  You need to set clear objectives and goals, understand and study all the social media platforms and prepare plan before you jump into promoting anything.

It is imperative to have a clarity on the following:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What message you want to convey to your audience?
  • And where would they hang out on social media?

Have clear objectives or goals you want to achieve through social media;

  • Create brand awareness and identity
  • A positive association with the brand and the audience
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Increase your conversion rate
  • Interact and improve communication between you and the audience Once you have a goal and strategy, you can create your content in the form of blogs, videos, and images.
  • Social media is an ideal platform to launch a new product, promote your existing product, and make big announcements.

Creating Brand Awareness

Social media is a profitable platform where you can increase your brand’s visibility.  The more your brand appears on various social platforms; it is more likely to remain on the audience’s’ mind. More and more organizations are acknowledging how important it is to engage on social platforms and promote their products.

Create campaigns that will resonate with your audience and would  remain in their minds for a long time. Some of the successful social campaigns are for Dacia UK, Red Bull, and Absolut Vodka that have boosted their sales quite instantly.   

Cost Effectiveness

Social media marketing is cost-effective, and you can see the success rate on a real-time basis. Even marketing campaigns with small investments can give you results.

Once you understand how it works, you will be more confident to invest more. Investments in campaigns and online interactions will give you good conversion rates, and you will see good returns for your investments. Social sites have click to action button that drives an instant conversion rate and boosts sales.

Know your customers

Social media gives you the opportunity to analyze and understand your audience.

Every platform has its respective analytics section that gives you detailed insights about your audience. Right from age, gender, and location to their interests and opinions help you strategize marketing plan that’s relevant to the like and dislikes of your audience.

The insights further enable you to optimize your ads and achieve a better ROI. The reactions and comments that you receive for your ads will allow you to judge the sentiments of your customers towards your brand.

They will help you understand whether your communication is working in a positive or negative way. The conversations that happen on social media also give you a chance to tailor communications as per the latest trends.

Creative and Engaging Posts

Digital marketing agencies invest a lot on talents because major brands trust them with their creativity and marketing their products online. Digital marketing agencies play a crucial role in portraying a positive image of their brands and driving traffic through their creative DM’s and posts. You can see my Blog related to  Qualities that make you an amazing Social media Executive.

The success of each post is closely measured by the brands.

Every brand is aggressively competitive and ensures their social team or digital agencies are creating conversions and have positive ROI’s.

Lead Generation

One of the key benefits that social media provide today is the ability to capture leads. By reaching out to your target audience through Lead Gen ads, you give them an opportunity to express interest in your business. Social networking sites offer various formats to collect leads while giving the audience a chance to learn more about your products or service. The best part is that these ads are cost-effective and offer precise targeting.


During the traditional marketing days, sales were boosted by word of mouth. Similarly, today we have influencers on social platforms to boost your brand. You can also learn more about Influencer Marketing & its Benefits.

They have a huge number of loyal followers on their social account. Your association with the influencers can give a tremendous boost to your brand. The key is to find the right influencer for your brand. Instagram and YouTube have an overwhelming number of social influencers who can boost your sales and increase conversion rate.


In this millennial age, social media platforms are not just a means to have an online presence, but it’s a necessity for every brand to grow in the market. It is essential for creating a brand image of your product, to create engagement with customers, and to maintain customer loyalty. You brand profile is like a human personality for the customers who are interacting with your page. It is critical that you interact and keep your brand as human as possible and ensure that your strategy attracts your target audience and help you create a niche community for your brand.

Contributed by: Sharmila Fernandes


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