Building Digital Marketing Capabilities

No doubt digital has become the top most priority for the strategists when it comes to overall growth of the Company. The advance technology has totally transformed the face of marketing and sales. To sustain in an ever growing world of cut-throat competition, where the competition is not leaving any opportunity, you got to find a way out to stay ahead in the competition.

When it comes to digital marketing, people usually just think of marketing in digital spectrum. Which practically is not feasible if your organisation is not capable of taking the digital challenges. You don’t actually need a digital marketing strategy at first, you first need to transform your enterprise into a sustainable digital organisation. You need to adapt the advanced technology trends in every part of your organisation. To go digital in marketing, you need to first go digital in your overall operations.

It all starts with building a responsive and adaptive culture to fit into the digital age.

Build the culture, and money will follow!

Organizational Culture comprises of the commonly held attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours of its employees. The culture of an organisation is as unique and diverse as an individual’s personality. An organisation should give emphasis on developing a healthy and productive culture within the company.

Inflexible and outmoded business models are no longer part of the race. The challenge is to move swiftly with the latest resources but without missing the benchmark of the organisation.

From top management to executives, everyone needs to adapt to the digital world and contribute to the development of the company. A solid structure within the company, well-defined roles, attractive rewards, freedom of speech and the most important; a well-trusted process to be followed like a culture.

Strategy and Innovation:

After the culture within the company, the next most important thing is Strategy and Innovation. More than 80 percent of digital giants have adopted the strategic-planning into their business. Though, the most important thing to remember is that the finest digital strategies don’t depend on the old analysis reports. You need to come up with fresh ideas, experiments, explore the newest opportunities, try, fail or succeed but don’t just repeat what previously worked out.

You can’t just set up a strategy without experimenting, you got to explore different possibilities, take challenges, understand the problem and try to find out the innovative solution.

Customer delight throughout the Journey:

Understanding the customer’s journey is vital for the growth of the organisation. You need to understand that the customers’ journey starts from the day she/he searches for some information about the product or services that you deal in. Your website should provide all the information about the products and services she/he is looking for. Gaining customers confidence requires a great level of customer satisfaction on every step of the customer journey.

Customer delight is all about surprising a customer by exceeding her or his expectations and thus creating a positive emotional reaction. This reaction in turn becomes word of mouth. Customer delight should be the top most priority in every step of the customer journey. The time customer starts her or his search about the product to the time he starts using the product and even after that. Digital marketing efforts are backed by customer delight policies. More emphasis on CD gives more results from digital marketing efforts.

Process automation:

To cut the cost, time and for the efficient and error-free delivery, business-process automation is very essential. Automation in the marketing, sales and especially in digital marketing is a no-brainer. It reduces cost and human errors and helps you protect your brand identity.

Data Analysis

Investing your money at the correct time, in the correct direction is an important marketing decision you take using Data Analysis. Your online campaigns may really be amazing, but if it is not serving to the right set of people at the correct period of time, it could be a total waste. Data helps you take key decisions in your business and to achieve your organisational and marketing goals.

Culture, Customer service, Process Automation & Data Analysis collectively help an enterprise to become a complete digital enterprise. If you do not have any means or resources to establish these majors in your company, the overall result of other digital activities will not be up to the mark.


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