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How the Swedish Armed Forces Used Social Media Campaign to Recruit

The Swedish Armed Forces are known for using social media platforms to recruit new candidates. They ran this campaign to find out people who can sacrifice for others without even knowing them. Which is actually required for a cadet in Armed Forces, to sacrifice for others. The title of this campaign was “Who cares?” and...


BPP University, U.K Announces ‘MBA Full-Time India Scholarship Award’

NEW DELHI, BPP University, one of UK’s leading universities dedicated to business and the professions, today announced ‘MBA full-time India Scholarship award’ for Indian students. Launched in collaboration with the British Council, the scholarship of 5,000 sterling pounds would be awarded to talented Indian students on the basis of their academic credentials and work experience....


Maharashtra MBBS finals, Almas Nazim Syed tops with 11 gold medals

Almas Nazim Syed of Government Medical College Nagpur, crossed another milestone by securing the top position in Maharashtra MBBS final exam, bagging 11 gold medals and a scholarship. Daughter of Dr Syed Nazim, a general practitioner, Almas Nazim Syed, has topped every exam in her career. She was a toppor of 2009 Maharashtra HSC board exam,...


Employability Skills: Empowering Students to be job ready

By Mr. Sachin Adhikari, India’s first Transformational Training Designer & Chief Mentor of Achiever’s Zone                                                         In India, an estimated five million graduates will be passing out in 2015, out of which only 34% of them would be employable as most of them lack necessary skills required for any role in the industry. With so many graduates...