BPP University, U.K Announces ‘MBA Full-Time India Scholarship Award’


BPP University, one of UK’s leading universities dedicated to business and the professions, today announced ‘MBA full-time India Scholarship award’ for Indian students. Launched in collaboration with the British Council, the scholarship of 5,000 sterling pounds would be awarded to talented Indian students on the basis of their academic credentials and work experience. The scholarship aims at providing Indian students the opportunity to work on ‘competitive live business simulations’.

BPP University has announced the scholarship for the International MBA degree of the University. The MBA degree follows a unique module of Employability Skills & Academic Practice (ESAP). It comes with an optional 6 months of work placement for practical insights into the professional work ethics in the UK. Following the BPP University’s educational approach “where professionals teach professionals”, the new 1-year MBA will be taught by the faculty with experience from both Fortune 500 global organisations as well as smaller entrepreneurial players, who will bring the workplace into the classroom.

The MBA programme was introduced taking into account the market feedback from current employers and factoring in the latest industry trends. Commenting on the program, Simon Morris, Deputy International Commercial Director, said, “This scholarship has been designed to support the most talented and dedicated Indian students. BPP University’s International MBA is a Masters degree for individuals looking to expand their career options. This programme seeks to educate the students in the essential areas of business which will help them to develop their career. It will build on competencies and character qualities in addition to the development of particular skills.”

Highlighting the success of the program, Simon added, “The last batch of students who completed our work placement made us very proud; out of the batch of 29 students, 11 received full time Tier 2 work permits to work in the UK.”

BPP University currently runs three intakes a year for the MBA/MSc programmes which are January, May and September. The scholarship is designed to give Indian students a combination of academic and competency-based learning so that they are professionally prepared for a working environment.

Sameer Sen, student, BPP Business school, said, “I have found BPP to be a supportive and stimulating environment for my further studies. The classroom environment is excellent as so many cultures are brought together for brainstorming and sharing ideas. At BPP University Business School, we have access to the very latest technology and electronic resources to support our learning along with valuable guidance of our tutors.”

About BPP University

BPP University (http://www.bpp.com) is one of the UK’s leading universities dedicated to business and the professions. BPP University is a UK degree awarding body providing its own awards through four schools: BPP Law School, BPP Business School, BPP School of Health and BPP School of Foundation and English Language Studies. BPP University also offers some programmes of study leading to the awards of other bodies.

Voted the UK’s Best Higher Education Provider by Education Investor Magazine in 2013, BPP University is the UK’s only university solely dedicated to business and the professions. BPP University’s links with leading businesses and organisations, providing its students with a highly-regarded professional education. BPP University’s programmes are designed in partnership with employers and respected professionals in the fields of law, business, finance and health. BPP University’s tutors, most of whom have real-world practitioner experience, not only ensure their students have the practical skills and academic knowledge needed for success, but that they also have the competitive edge that makes them stand out in the competitive jobs market.


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