Kick start your Career with an Internship

internship this summerThe culture at the companies is changing everyday. You will always find a difference in way of working from company to company, industry to industry and from country to country. Your experience in a company totally depends on the work culture of that company. ¬†Internship gives you an opportunity to kick start your career while you are studying, or you have just finished your studies. In some of the institutional courses, such as medicines and management, it is a part of students’ curriculum. But eventually students do not take their internships seriously. They realize it’s worth when they actually go into the practical world.

Internship is actually a preparation for the actual job. You help senior employees of the company in their work, which gives you clear idea of what exactly you will be doing when you go for that job. If you are a student, do not miss this summer to do an internship. If you can’t get into any big firm, go for a startup, they would love to hire you.

Internship helps both the candidate and the company. Candidate gets a chance to work, with some minimum stipend. He/she actually gets a work experience with that company. There is always a chance for the candidate of getting hired permanently by that company. Likewise, company is also happy to have a young and enthusiastic helping hand, which will help their employees. And moreover, they do not have to pay much to interns.

Internship work hours, work days and stipend, totally depend on the company. Big brands may pay you more for an internship while a startup may offer you some goodies or free subscription of their products or a small amount of money. Do not waste this summer in doing one more vacation course. Use your skills and talent at work. Go for an internship, get a real experience of work and work culture. I am listing few options where you can search for internship opportunities.




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