How the Swedish Armed Forces Used Social Media Campaign to Recruit

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The Swedish Armed Forces are known for using social media platforms to recruit new candidates. They ran this campaign to find out people who can sacrifice for others without even knowing them. Which is actually required for a cadet in Armed Forces, to sacrifice for others.

The title of this campaign was “Who cares?” and it aimed to see who would be keen on helping others. Reportedly, the Swedish Armed Forces aren’t involved in any proper wars, in fact the country hasn’t been at war for about 200 years. So instead they engage Armed Forces in peace keeping missions for the United Nations.

They locked down someone in a large box in central Stockholm. The box had cameras all around and the footage was broadcast to the world via social media. There was only way to release that person in the box was to volunteer to take their place for a minimum of one hour.

This campaign successfully generated huge online conversation and the website succeeded in attracting more than 100,000 visitors in less than four days.

The objective was to find 4,300 applicants for 1,430 new positions, they achieved 9,930 applications – more than double the target.

Many people came to help other human being, few came to accept it as a challenge, there is a possibility that people might have arrived just for fame. But overall, it was a great idea to look for the right kind of people who could help others at the stake of getting nothing in return.

Do watch this video, it covers the whole campaign.


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