5 Qualities required to be an amazing Social Media Executive

Being a social media executive is a great responsibility. You are not just going to handle a social media page of a brand, you are actually going to represent the brand’s identity on different networks. You will become an advocate of the brand online.

If you want to become an amazing social media executive that brands or agencies would love to hire, you need to master these 5 qualities,

  1. Creative content creation
  2. Understanding platform dynamics & importance of native content
  3. Community management
  4. Analysis & Reporting
  5. Performance marketing

Check out my short video to explore the 5 of these qualities briefly:



  1. Hey Ranjit, you can follow the techniques mentioned here in this blog post:

    However, to sell tickets of standup shows, you got to have an attractive presence which people should come back to every time they need content for standup or comedy. So simply creating short stories/videos of the standup and putting it on your page would definitely help. You have a pool of content already, you need to maximise it, share what you are? what kind of events you do? If your content is good enough people would definitely consider buying tickets.

    You are also required to run ads to attract targetted people to your page/event page on bookmyshow.


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