Top 10 stupidity you should avoid in your CV


Your CV is the first thing that any employer will see. If your CV is good enough, your chances of getting hired become higher, at the same time if your CV carries mistakes and stupid things, the changes of getting hired becomes less. We have observed many common and stupid mistakes people do while writing their CVs. These mistakes simply cut their chance of getting hired. Please avoid any such thing in your CV, keep it simple clean and to the point.

1) Crazy objectives

Irrelevant, crazy objectives should be avoided. For an example, if you have a dream to be the next Zuckerburg, do not mention it as your objective in your CV. Recruiters may think you are just a dreamer. Your CV objective should be relevant to the career path you are applying for. Giving fancy objectives leaves bad impression on recruiter, they simply consider your CV as less sincere one.

2) Spelling errors, typos & bad gramer

Your CV is your identity, it is your first appearance at any company. Your employer will know you from your CV first. If you make spelling errors, typing mistakes and grammatical errors, it shows either you are not serious about your career or you are not so dumb to make these mistakes. This gives a really bad impression on the recruiter and you have a fair chance of getting rejected.

3) Irrelevant Job experience:

Previously where you have worked is important, but if it is not related to the Job profile you are applying for, you should not include that.

4) Awards and achievement that are not actually achievements:

People tend to put paragraphs and paragraphs writing about their awards and achievements which are actually not awards or achievements to be selected for the job. Include only significant awards in your profession that you have won. Do not write whether you were a school team captain or class monitor.

5) Physical description:

Recruiter will get agitated if you would write how tall you are, or if you look beautiful or handsome. Writing such things in the CV is unprofessional and unacceptable. Please avoid such stupid things to include in the CV.

6) Long and in appropriate hobby list:

Keep your hobby list simple and short. Do not include any hobby that can lead the recruiter take a false view of your personality. Common hobbies of reading or writing and even working out are acceptable.

7) In appropriate Contact information:

If you have an email id with some really in appropriate meaning, do not use that email in your CV at all. Use a professional email id which has only name and numbers. Contact information that can raise flags should be avoided.

8) Bad formatting:

Do not use fancy colours and fonts that can reduce the visibility of the CV. Use of different fonts on every single line makes your CV really bad to read. Avoid using fancy fonts. Avoid unnecessary gaps in paragraphs. Keep your CV short and to the point.

9) Private Information:

Recruiters do not bother whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim or of any other religion. Including unnecessary private information about religion, sex orientation etc is highly not recommended. Do not use any private information unnecessarily in your CV.

10) Lying or misleading:

Lying or giving false information about your career, qualification, or salary is not at all acceptable. Recruiters are not fools to understand where you are faking. Even if your CV gets short-listed, mostly there will be a background check. It can lead to a disaster. Do not lie. Play fair.


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