Tips for maintaining a great Linked in profile


With social media penetration in our lives, social hiring has also become a trend. Where everyone is on Facebook, trust me almost every senior level employee or a recruiter is on Linked in. Linkedin is so far the biggest professional networking platform. Your LinkedIn profile affects greatly to your chances of getting hired by other company.

People think that getting hired is difficult, the same time recruiters find it difficult to hire the right candidate. Linkedin is playing a great role to help many recruiters easily get the right candidate in a much better way than traditional ways of hiring.

I am not going to tell you the how to story of the linked in, I am not going to tell you how to do this and that on LinkedIn. In this post; I am simply trying to highlight the importance of LinkedIn profile in your professional life and how to make it look great to recruiters. Let’s explore the simple pointers that can help you make your profile better.

  1. Take time to complete your profile. Partially filled profiles are not likely to get in searches, nor would people like it.
  2. Add all the possible skills, don’t include irrelevant categories.
  3. Endorse people you know, so that they will endorse you back.
  4. Add at least one person every day, it increases your connections and chances of getting more connections.
  5. Ask your colleagues & clients for recommendation (do not spam or ask random people)
  6. Add awards, & honours.
  7. Like, comment on others activities (congratulate on new job, promotion, job anniversary)
  8. Share things relevant to your field. e.g. If you are a graphic designer, share stuff about graphic designing, write small posts about tips, tricks or trends. Linkedin is a very effective way of reaching out to people. Your posts reach to almost all the connections in your network.
  9. At last but not the least, please don’t consider Linkedin as Facebook or Instagram. Don’t share irrelevant stuff, jokes or things that can lead people to block you.

The idea is to keep your profile up to date. So that people looking to hire can make their decision easily. Your profile will attract recruiters and there will be more chances of getting hired.

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