7 hurdles while you try to concentrate during exams

All those students out there, we know how much you enjoy being students. We all love that phase of life, the fun we have with friends, the occasional ‘bunks’, the countless stories – we all wish to never ever get out of this awesome life!

At the same time, we also know that there is one thing which kills all our excitement of being a student, one thing that transforms our joy to sorrows. You got me right, I am talking about Exams. Exams remain the most thrilling experience of every cast of students, from genius to average and from smart to poor, every student has to suffer with exams.

Above all, the irony of life is ‘Every boring thing that you may never even think of in your craziest of dreams, instantly becomes the most fascinating thing’! Doesn’t this make sense?

So here’s a list of 7 hurdles that you might face during examinations.

1. Mobile Phones

mobile phone addiction

This wonder device is certainly a boon for humanity; there’s no argument about it. However, this stands true, only if smartphones are utilized wisely. During your examinations, do not use smartphones unless and until you need to.


2. TV and Movies

tv addiction

The coolest thing about examinations is vacations! You’re home and as if have all the time in the world to kill. This feeling is evident, and many of us fall prey to the ‘boredom’ and switch-on the TV. No matter how tempting and inviting this is, refrain yourself from doing so.

3. Group Studies

group study

The whole idea of ‘group studies’ is a hoax! Almost 90% of the time while you’re trying to study in groupies wasted in talking gibberish; avoid group studying.

4. Internet

mobile phones

Surprised? Access to this magical world can again be called as a ‘catch 22’. Of course, with abundance of information available on the Internet, it is surely going to help you but the fact is; you already have everything you need with you. The printed study material is enough for studying.


5. Hobbies


Hobbies are supposed to be good, right? How can they be a hurdle? Am sure you might have been outraged seeing this name in the list. However, hobbies are ‘recreational’ activities that help you to freshen up the state of your mind. Hobbies are perfectly alright during the hectic schedule you have, not during examinations; most of us over-indulge ourselves in leisure activities during our free time.

6. Friends

friends are distraction

Friends have a special place in our life, and they always will. However, you need to draw the line when it comes to responsibilities and doing what is needed. We all do not have equivalent grasping powers. Some of us need our own time and space to understand things; take your time. Just because your friends are done with their part of studying, you don’t have to quit and join them to kill time.


7. Planning and Procrastination

planning during exam

Most of us do not realize this but we spend more time than we need to on planning our studies. Setting huge targets and then not achieving even 50% of what we planned. Set small targets and achieve them; this way you’ll build up confidence and feel good.


This list could be even bigger, you might have your own hurdles. The idea is to simply focus and prioritize things as a responsible student specially during exams.

If you face any other hurdles, do share it with us in comments.


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