Stop Comparing Email Marketing vs Social Media Marketing

Disclaimer: this article is not a comparison of email marketing vs social media vs display or anything of that sort. This is just my opinion about email marketing its significance and my experience with email marketing so far.

So let’s begin!

To all the Email Marketers, I have a small request to stop comparing Email Marketing vs Social Media! Can you imagine how would you generate those email IDs in the first place to run your so-called proven email sales tactic? You would need another form of advertising to capture emails, right? So there is no question of comparison. Another request to you is not to mislead people by saying email is the only method that people should use to promote their business online. If Email marketing was the only solution, there would not be any Facebooks or Instagrams for business.

Practically both Social & Email marketing have got their significance, we need to understand each of these platforms and use accordingly. The only message you should take if you are pro email marketer, stop comparing. And literally, stop cluttering the internet with stuff that does not actually add any value.

The biggest misconception regarding email marketing!

This is mostly in India and even a number of big and small digital agencies keep considering bulk emailing, targeted emails to a set of database purchased from different portals, Google Special promotions etc as Email Marketing. However, when you look at the digitally evolved brands in India or any part of the world they have understood email marketing the most appropriate way. So to describe email marketing in short words, it is no email promotions. When we say email marketing, you need to understand we are talking about building our own email list, through different digital campaigns, landing pages etc. Creating personas and funnels for these personas. Targeting each of the email subscribers based on their category of interest with a series of emails and lead them to become a paid member or buy our products. Keep visiting them back with great content to educate further about your products and services, bring them back to buy an upgrade or simply make them connected to the brand and build brand advocacy.

Email can’t be used alone as the only marketing approach!

This statement might look quite offensive but I believe Email should never be used alone as a marketing approach. You always need to have better ways of first collecting emails so that you have the consent of people to send them emails and then start sending emails. Promotional emails have less or zero effects.

Digital Marketing can never be complete without Email Marketing!

Wow, looks like I was high while writing this article? No, I am not. I am totally in my senses. The reason for writing two statements which might look contradictory is quite clear. So let me write a statement that will clarify both my claims.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘Email can’t be used alone as the only marketing approach whereas the overall digital marketing can never be complete without proper email marketing integration!’ @faizanization ” quote=”‘Email can’t be used alone as the only marketing approach whereas the overall digital marketing can never be complete without proper email marketing integration!'”]

Essentially you should never ignore email!

Yes, the verdict is not that email is bad, the way it is being promoted is bad. And to be honest there should never be a comparison of email marketing vs social media. As a marketer, you need to understand the value of email marketing done in the right and do not consider bulk emails as email marketing. Try and include email marketing, social media, SEO & display together in your overall strategy. Again I am not asking you to just have everything, you need to understand your business goals and accordingly create a strategy.

Email is such an important medium that you can’t win without it. If you have to follow up on a lead, you send an email, if you have to share an update with your existing customers you will need an email. Basically, Email is the core of the overall digital marketing process. Comparing it with other methods of marketing is simply foolish.

Quick steps to follow:

  1. Stop comparison of email marketing vs social media or what
  2. Remove the misconception of bulk emails to be effective email marketing.
  3. Use a good CRM on your website and create right flows to collect emails/customers information.
  4. Create a strategy to engage with your subscribers.
  5. Don’t be pushy with sales and try to build a relationship with your subscribers first.
  6. Create a series of emails to educate and help them make their buying decisions.
  7. Always have a follow-up strategy, use offers/discounts to hook them with your product/service.
  8. Track everything with Google Analytics.

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I hope you liked the post and understood the reason behind writing this. Please let me know in comments what is your opinion and how you are using the two.

Take care, have a great day/evening/night.

Ma asSalama.


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