13 Quick Social Media techniques to get great results in 2018

Are you a business owner? or a marketer? or someone who is trying to sell/promote through social media? You must be looking for ways to get better results from all your efforts on social media. In this post, I am going to summarise 13 methods that you can include in your practice to improve results of your social media activities.

First and foremost you need to have a great content strategy, you need to find out what your audience like what are the best ways to connect with them, what type of content works where. What would be your key communication pillars, how strategically you would connect with your audience etc. etc. Once you have developed a content strategy the next mentioned techniques will help you optimize your content and bring you fantastic results from social media.

Here are 13 amazing techniques that you can start implementing quickly to get results from your social media efforts:

  • Posting frequently (having planned calendar of posts, which has a lot of own benefits.) Now, less is more, focus on creating quality content, have 3-4 posts per week planned for Facebook. Instagram & Twitter would need more posts to stay up in the game.
  • Using brand hashtags along with relevant frequently used hashtags (for increasing the discovery of your content)
  • Posting on right time (I personally use Socialbakers to find out what is the best time for my content to be posted on social media channels). It would help you get maximum engagement from your audience, as you will be posting your content when your audience is live.
  • Create native content for each platform, Video & Voice are really big, your content should have a great mix of the both. Every platform is unique and they have evolved around the unique type of content. What works on Facebook might not necessarily work on Instagram, you need to understand the value of each platform and create content for each platform separately.
  • Having an ongoing budget to boost your posts (organic is dead, like literally dead) You need to invest money to reach out to the people and your content would do the rest. I am not asking you to buy likes or fans, I am asking you to run ads so that your communication reaches to your targeted audience, if your content is good enough, your audience will engage and will eventually take actions that you want.
  • Responding to each fan comment/message/mention even if it just says “Nice post”. Every fan is really important, you need to respond to everyone who is interacting with your page. It will help you build a community of your loyal fans who would eventually become your advocates.
  • Try to give a persona to your brand, people should feel they are talking to a human, not a robot.
  • Bring Social media Influencers onboard, Influencer marketing is going to give you great results on social media. (Not doing it is simply loosing)You can check my video here to find out why a business should consider influencer marketing:
  • Recognize your fans, reward your brand advocates, try to build a community of your fans and followers.
  • Run contests and giveaways to keep the community engaged.
  • Ask opinion, conduct polls and let your audience
  • Keep monitoring the results and insights on a weekly basis and optimize it on a month on month basis. (Make use of the platforms like Socialbakers)
  • Tap into the key moments of the year and try to add value to your content (post relevant content on different occasions)
  • Do trend scouting and try to meaningfully be a part of the trend (Tweet something relevant about the trending hashtag and try to add value)

There is no silver bullet for social media, it is purely a creative space, don’t clutter the timeline with buy now kind of stuff, try to connect meaningfully with your audience. As they say, “Social media is all about Give Give Give & then ask” 🙂



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