Digital, Social or Mainstream Media, Content will always be the King!

The social media boom has drastically changed the face of media. Whether you are working in print, TV, digital or social, “content is the king” philosophy works everywhere. Because of the advent of social media it has now become a mandate to focus on the content and you can’t leave any stone untouched. One negative feedback can go viral and your years of reputation can be in danger.

Media is no more just talking about your products or services, it is about sharing what audience would like to see on their TV screens or what they would like to share on their Facebook timeline. It is about connecting meaningfully with people and their emotions.

It has become very important to understand your audience, their likes and dislikes, understanding the kind of communication they get involved in every day and meaningfully be a part of it. If you are doing a TV commercial or a Print Ad or building a social media presence for your business, you need to understand that the content strategy should be unparalleled, unmatched and totally out of the box. With the changed mindset of people and cut-throat competition you can either be a hero or a zero, there is no mid-way. According to some insights people see more than 500 marketing messages every day on their timelines, they have become smarter, you need to be very careful while crafting a strategy for your communications.

YOUR CONTENT helps you in enormous ways to make you stand out, to bring you close to your audience and to build a better presence in the eyes of your audience.

1) Makes you stand out of the crowd:

A good content perfectly speaks about your business and gets the attention of your audience, it helps you touch the hearts of millions of people watching you on Youtube or following you on Instagram, it makes you stand out of the crowd.

2) Helps to educate your audience:

Educating your customers about your products and services, about the industry you are dealing with helps you build a connection and a strong relationship with your audience. Your content should be talking in and out about your product and philosophy behind your product. Rightly crafted strategy can make your consumers your ambassadors. They will speak on your behalf, they will pass on the message be it one to one or broadcasting through social media.

3) Helps to develop a 360 degree integrated marketing approach: 

From your audience to Google, everyone is there to consume the good content they like. As their TV screen and Social timelines are cluttered with irrelevant ads, they crave for something they can watch, see, listen and relate to.

From the videos you create, or blog posts you update, or tweets you craft, if it connects rightly to your audience, you own their hearts. In return you get likes, shares, online and offline media coverage. Your websites, blogs, newsletters, white papers, presentations and social media accounts sing the same song that reflects your brand, your identity and it all revolves around one strategy that you are following for your content.

At the end, I would like to quote two best lines of Seth Godin which sums it all:

[Content Marketing] is all the marketing that’s left.

That’s not what happens when you want to make a hit TV show or a website that people care about. You need editors, not brand managers, who will push the envelope to make the thing go forward.

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