Top 7 ways to search for a Job

Top 7 ways to search for a job

The process of searching a job has changed drastically over a period of time. No more people are looking for Newspaper’s Wanted section in classifieds. The modern era of technology demands you to be proactive even in a job search. Many of the companies don’t even advertise for the openings, they simply ask their employees for references. Few companies just give the responsibility to a third party organization, which gathers candidates for the company. You need to be really quick to check out for the vacancies and apply at right time. I am going to list 7 awesome ways to search a job these days.

1. Networking

You need to be really good at networking with people, online as well as offline. You should try to connect with people in your own industry. If people you are networking with don’t have any openings themselves, there is always a chance that they know someone who does. In this digital world, networking has become really easy. It can be done online through social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can go and attend meetups in your specific field. Companies keep organizing meetup events to attract sales and more talent. To find out about the meetups happening in your vicinity you should check

2. Referrals

There are many companies that offer incentives on assisting the company to find a new candidate. If someone sends you an invitation to apply for a job vacancy, and you successfully land into that job, your referrer gets an incentive and you get a job without going for a hunt. So if you know people who are working in good companies, make sure you inform them that you are looking for a job.

3. Company websites

First and foremost, make a list of companies you wish to work for. Google about their website, go on to the website, under career section, see the current openings. They must have mentioned the criteria to apply for the position, along with that they will also mention how to apply for that specific position. Some times, companies do not advertise for the openings in the careers section. In such case, go to the contact section and look for HR email, or simply drop your CV on contact email.

4. Jobs Portals

Companies post most of their job vacancies on jobs portals such as and They play role of Google in the job search world. These job search portals have strong search engine to narrow down your search. You can select industry, search for a specific job profile you are looking for.

5. Social media

Once you have identified a few companies that you would be interested in working at, you can start your job hunt on social media websites. You can simply start following these companies, hr executives or recruitment officers of the company. You can follow them on Twitter or Facebook or Linkedin. And keep looking for job openings they are posting online. You can also connect with them so as to show yourself as a potential employee for their company.

6. Job fairs

Industry specific career fairs are a great way to meet the people who work within your sector and to find out about vacancies at different companies. Go to some Job fairs to look for the companies you can work for or you wish to work for; don’t forget to bring some copies of your resumes. Talk to recruiters and company representatives about what kind of role you are looking for. Some companies may even interview potential candidates on site.

7. Recruitment agencies

If you find it difficult to land in to a good job, or you can’t find a suitable job for yourself, you can take some professional help. Now a days many companies, especially larger ones, hire through recruitment agencies. These recruitment agencies locate candidates to fill these vacancies or find positions for job seekers who need help in finding a job. Identify a good Recruitment Agency in your city or better in the city you are willing to work, there would be some fees of joining, pay and join. Please make sure you give them your updates CV. PS: do not forget to read the terms and conditions of the recruitment agency.

I hope this article would help you in finding your dream job. Please let us know in comments if you have tried any other method of finding a job other than the ways I have listed in this article. Looking forward to your feedback and comments.


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