7 Important things to remember while going for an Interview

preparing for an interview

1. Dress up nicely

You should always wear a dress that fits the culture of the company you are appearing for an interview. Even if the company does not have a dress code, you should go in formal dressing, it always leaves a good impression on the employer.

2. Arrive on time

Don’t ever arrive at a job interview late! It can come out as a reason of your failing at the interview. You should always reach your destination at least 15 minutes prior. This way you will get enough time to gather some confidence, analyse the atmosphere of the office and it obviously leaves a good impact on the recruiter.

3. Research the company

Research about the company, before appearing for the interview. This research helps you understand the nature of business, ethics and work culture of the company. It ultimately gives you lots of confidence about you being a good recruit for the company. Research about the company involves, visiting company website, doing a Google search about it, reading about the founders, visiting work culture page on the website etc.

4. Occupy yourself while waiting

If in case, you have to wait, for your turn to face the interview, do not wait doing nothing. Bring some work, or some magazines relevant to your field, keep yourself engaged in work or reading.  Whatever you do, don’t look up every time someone passes by. Doing so makes you look weak and anxious.

5. Be polite, be gentle!

Be polite and greet everyone you meet, including people you meet in the corridor. When you enter the interview, offer the interviewer a warm greeting. As they say, first impression is the last, your mannerism can help you impress your employer to a great extent. At the end do not forget to thank the interviewer for giving you an opportunity. While leaving the company, saying goodbye to the receptionist will add more stars to your interview.

6. Pay attention to your body language

Poor body language, such as playing with a pen, chewing gum, slouching, and even brushing back hair, can be a distraction. If you notice you have a tendency to do any of these, train yourself to avoid these bad habits. You can replace them with positive body language that include nodding, eye contact, smiling, and solid posture.

7. Ask insightful questions

Most interviewers end an interview by allowing the candidate to ask questions.  You must ask a few questions. The more insightful your questions are, the more you will impress your interviewer.


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