Let’s Simplify Blogging for Business or Branding

In this post, I am tryiing to simplify blogging for my readers. If you have been an entrepreneur for some time, or a merketeer or a digital marketeer, blogging would surely have been a thing you always wanted to start. But never got a chance to start. Either you have struggled in deciding whether you should start or you would have struggled in finalizing the blog topic.

A lot of my friends struggled to finalize the platform for their blog and honestly, the list would continute the more people we try and ask. However, blogging is the simplest yet one of the most effective ways to drive attention around your business. It is a great tool to share your thoughts and build an authority in your domain.

In this post, I am gonna put up, simpel things that would help you to get started easily without thinking too much.

What is a Blog?

A blog is actually an acronym of the term “web log”. And as we know a log is a diary or directory maintained about important things, and that appear according to date and time. So a blog is simply important posts coming daily or weekly depends on you, in chronological order.
In simple words; it is a space online where you can share anything you want. People have started sharing from everything to nothing on their blogs. A blog is a platform that has invited creative people to share their creativity and talent. People having passion for writing have written so many nice articles that will be there on internet forever (till that website/blog remains online). Yes, you can also get into blogging if you find something useful to share with people. I found that I can write about technology, I like tweaking with technology so started writing about tips and tricks. There is a person in me who always wants to be a writer, a poet and that me will surely come up with a new blog with creative writing stuff.

Difference between Blog and Website:

We should definitely have a clear distintinction between a blog and a website. A blog can be a website or a part of it, that gives you space to share your views. A website can have one or many blogs in it. In a blog posts (popularly blog posts) come daily, weekly or fortnightly or monthly or yearly (it actually depends on blogger).

Who is a blogger?

A blogger is the author of the blog. The person who creates content and shares it with the audience. It is not necessary that the blogger would be the owner of the blog. He can be a blogger who has been paid to write for the blog or a guest blogger who wishes to share his content with the blog owner.

Why would you start a blog?

There are 3 reasons to start your blogging journey:
1) Personal Blogging to share your life experiences with your audience
2) Business Blogging to share updates about your business or services you offer
3) Educational Blogs to educate people about certain topics

How does a blog help in building a strong presence online?

In simple words, blog helps you show your authority in your respective domain. You can share the knowledge you have, the work you have done and how it has impacted your clients. You can share educational or entertaining content around your business/brand that helps you to stay connected with your clients in a better way.

Famous blogging platforms:

There are so many platforms where you can start blogging. Nowadays even social media sites give the facility to its users to create their blogs like LinkedIn. Out of all, the most widely used and most trusted free blogging platforms are:
3) Medium.com
There could be even bigger list, but you can just hop on to a platform and get started today.

Self Hosted Blogs:

A self hosted blog is a blog that has been hosted on a private server or on private web space purchased by the user. You can go for websites like GoDaddy or Hostinger etc.

Finding a topic to write:

This area most of the people struggle. Simplify this too by focusing on the area where you have experience in. Or just simply start documenting your work or life. A lot of bloggers just share their life expereinces with their blog readers.
This should be enough to get you started with blogging. I will try to bring in more content around blogging and how you can optimize your blog, monetize your blog and build a business around the same.


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