7 lies they tell you in school

[Guest post by Priyasy Bokadia]

School is a daily routine for us
In the morning, we’re sure to make a fuss
Even when the sun is still not up,
Here we are, awake at 6am sharp

We feel that school is such a bore
We feel that school is such a chore
Parents say, “School’s great! Now, go!”
We say, “Well, what do you know?”

Late a minute and we have to run
Eyes half open, shoelaces undone
We reach school and we see our friends,
Immediately, the torture ends

-Cheryl Theseira

These are the times we surely miss,

Let’s relive them with a soft kiss.

-Priyasy Bokadia

  1. The new textbooks are surely going to arrive in next two days

 giphy (6)

It’s been 2 months since the school’s have re-opened & the since 2 months the books are going to arrive in two days. Didn’t this happen with every one of us? Whichever standard/class you were in there was one subject whose book never arrived until the end of 1st semester.



  1. Teachers are never partial towards any studentgiphy (1)

“Teacher toh isiki sunegi, unka chamcha joh hai” There was always that one person in our class who was every teacher’s favourite. Haven’t we all envied that one teacher’s pet who always had benefit of doubt?


  1. Students who come in casual dresses without identity cards won’t be given the report cardgiphy (3)

This is a dilemma which hasn’t been solved even after years of completing our schooling. We never understood & will continue to never understand that why we weren’t allowed in casual dresses without the identity card in schools? Maybe the top-level management was too jealous of cute children like us? 😉


  1. We have checked the exam papers very lenientlygiphy (2)

This statement always contradicted the marks we received. How can I fail if you’ve checked the papers very leniently? The only people who did agree to this statement were the ones who were the topper of the class/school. Even from those toppers we always had a few ones who always said, “Mam ne mera paper bohat strictly check kiya, warna mai 1st aa jata/jati”


  1. Continue reading, I am listeninggiphy

How many times did this happen with you? You were told to read the chapters or paragraphs bench by bench and no one cared or bothered what you were reading unless & until it was their turn next to read. While the whole class was given the task to read the lessons turn by turn the teacher kept checking the books & worksheets one by one.

She had no clue about which paragraph you were reading, only if you did stop reading she used to say “Continue reading, I am listening.”


  1. Our teaching faculty is highly professional and trained.giphy (4)

Yes and that was exactly the reason why we always had at the least that one teacher who could never speak English with the correct sentence structure.


  1. This chapter/subject is very interestinggiphy (5)

Yes that’s exactly the reason why I am feeling very sleepy. There was always that one chapter/subject which never interested us. It was a hidden code that had to be deciphered, whenever the teacher said that this subject/ chapter is very interesting it was the one which least interested you. The only thing that that interesting chapter made you accomplish is ‘sleep.’ Isn’t it?


Aren’t the lies which were told in school much better & subtle than the lies we experience today. Be it whatever we achieve in life we can never forget and dream of going back to our school life. It was a life without stress & noise. All we want today is to go back, only if time was a physical quantity.

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