Why SEO is that Important?

There will be a time when you will feel all frustrated, and think how to generate leads, how to attract more customers. Your marketing strategies won’t work for you, you will be in a position to shut down your operations. Yes, there could be a situation like this. Scary! isn’t it?

If you have a website and do not have the SEO done, you are losing a great chance of getting all those customers who are now looking for the information through search engines to take a decision about their next purchase. You would have spent a fortune to build your beautiful website, you will still not be able to get customers, forget about customers, you won’t even get website visitors. If you are not seen in the search results, every effort of yours will be a waste.

Let me explain with a simple example. Consider yourself as an app developer and currently looking for the clients. There could be a number of potential customers who are looking for mobile app development companies or freelancers by searching it through google or other engines. These potential customers will put a simple query in search and visit maximum top three websites that will come in the search result.  You have a chance to get their business only if you are shown in the search results, if they can’t find you in the search results, you are not an option for them.

Though you are a super awesome app developer, but your website does not show in the first 2-3 results, you won’t be able to get their business at least of those who take their decision through their online research and trust me most of them are like that.

I have been associated as a digital marketing consultant with Purplechai technologies – a leading mobile application development company in Pune. The challenge was to get more customers and more business. The best way forward was to be found in the searches. We worked on the SEO of our website and finally you can see the results. Go to google and search any of these keywords: ”Mobile application development in Pune” , “Mobile Application Development Company in Pune”, “Android Application Development Company in Pune”, with all these keywords you will find Puprlechai.com coming first in place. SEO helped a lot to get more prospects and more customers for Purplechai. If SEO is done correctly it helps you grow your business 4 folds. You only need to be doing it right and have some patience to get the results.

We have seen many people, especially startups and SME trying to do the SEO in house. They hire interns and freshers. After searching on Google they find few of link building and content philosophies, which they try to implement. Trust me, it does not work any good. You start feeling you are wasting time and energy on SEO and not geting any results. Ultimately you fire those employees and get no clues of what to do next. It is always recommended, be it a startup or a big company. The way you keep an amount for Marketing, Keep some amount in your monthly budget to hire some expert having great portfolio. An expert who can help you get better presence online.

Quick Wrap up:

  • You cant skip SEO (You should not if you want to grow)
  • SEO can do miracles for your business if done properly
  • Hire professionals to do it while you focus on your main business activities
  • Focus on Social Media along with the SEO it will help you grow very fast and rapidly


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