Top 7 alternatives to the Deadly Coffee

Several health reports have put forward this fact that more than 4 cups of coffee a day can link you to early death. There are several other ill effects of caffeine to your health. It badly affects our digestive system which opens the door for many other health issues. We have all read and heard about the risk that coffee brings with it. But even after knowing everything, we are yet not set to leave coffee out of the regular ruitine. People at work tend to have 3-5 cup of coffee a day, which is not at all good for their health. In this article I am going to enlist 7 alternatives to the coffee that will help you keep alive at work. If you will be able to follow these practices, there will be no or very less need of you going for a coffee.

1) Keep yourself Hydrated:


A large glass of water after bed helps you feel refreshing in the morning. It has been proved that drinking a glass of water makes your brain work 14% faster! It gets your metabolism working long before you arrive at work. Not just in the morning, consume water when you feel the need of a coffee or tea. It help you stay alive and stay away from the coffee.

2) Eat something nutritious:

Eating a banana gives you energy and make you feel fresh and alert. And no caffeine in sight!


3) Step out:


Fresh Air

Step out of the office for some time to have a fresh air, it helps you a lot when you feel tired of work.

4) Listen to Music:


Listening to your favourite songs in your smart phone, will make you feel afresh the rest of the day. This practice helps a lot, when your work becomes bit boring.

5) Watch funny Videos:


Go on to Youtube and wathc Kapil Sharma or any other comedy star, or watch some songs. It will keep your worries aside and boost up your work efficiency upto 12%.

6) Eat some chocolate:


Although dark chocolate does actually contain a little caffeine, dark chocolate has actually been proven to improve mental alertness. Chocolate also makes the brain release endorphins and Seratonin, which make you feel happy!

7) A splash of cold water:

water splash

Last but not the least and highly effective! Wash your face with cold water whenever you’re beginning to feel sleepy. You’re guaranteed to feel more refreshed, straight away.

Please write in comments if you agree or disagree with any of our alternatives. If you have your own alternative, please share it with us. Looking forward to your comments.


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