Improve Concentration while studying

concentrate on studies

It’s a common problem in many students that they can’t concentrate while studying, and that ultimately results in poor grades. A student facing this problem gets frustrated and starts hating the system. Sometimes this leads to big failures in life. You can only tackle this problem by avoiding all sorts of distraction. Now how you avoid distractions and how to improve the concentration? That’s the main part you are looking for!

So here I am going to list 7 steps you can follow to improve your concentration or stay focused on one thing:

1) Find a quite place to study, may be a private room or a study room. Environment matters a lot. There should be minimum number of distractions.

2) Gather all the necessary stuff before starting studying. Gather notes, pen, pencil etc so that you don’t get distracted to search or find these things.

3) Take breaks from subjects so you don’t get bored. Keep switching between subjects but be careful and do not mix them up.

4) Use effective methods as SQ3R OR SQRRR.

5) Always begin in advance, so that you don’t have much pressure. Pressure reduces your concentration, so be as calm as possible when you begin to study.

6) Always have a determination to achieve your target. Always have positive attitude and positive energy while attaining your set goal.

7) Avoid multitasking (though it is considered as a talent, but being a student you should avoid) and concentrate on one thing at a time.


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