How to Improve Vocabulary?


To speak English fluently without any hassles, you need to have a strong vocabulary, So that you can convey your message in an appropriate way to other people.  I have seen so many people struggling to improve their vocabulary. They purchase dictionaries and try to mug up words. They get word bank and try to mug that up. But nothing works out in a proper manner. It’s obvious that you can’t recall all those words unless you start using them in your day today life.

So what should be the way to improve your vocabulary? If not a dictionary, if not a word bank? What would be the solution?  I will try to sum up all the means that will help you improve your vocabulary. Well, I have a vernacular background and I have also been in this phase. I was born and brought up in an Urdu speaking family. I did my schooling from an Urdu medium school. Whatever I will write, I will be writing from my personal experiences.

Let me start with first things first.

1)      Read news of your Interest:

Reading newspaper helps you a lot to improve your language skills. The reason I have told you to read the news of your interest is clear and simple: you don’t get bored!!! If it is of your interest you spend more time reading.
While you are reading, try to mark new words that you don’t know. Make a separate notebook where you write these words. Now use your expensive dictionary and find out the meaning of the word. Write down the use of that word from the newspaper.  You have to do this step with other methods as well.

2)      Listen to English news:

Listening to English News; not only improves your vocabulary, it also helps you improve your pronunciation. Follow the same practice of noting the new words as you have already done in the last method. The only difference is that you were reading in the last method and here you will be listening to those words.

3)      Read Books of your Interest:

Take out some time over weekends or in summer or winter vacations and try to find out some good books of your interest and start reading. Initially you will find it difficult to understand, but slowly you will be comfortable with reading. And soon things will start making sense to you.

4)      Watch TV Series:

This may sound a bit odd to students or parents. Bbut to actually improve your vocabulary, you can try this out. You can pick up a sensible series and watch it over weekends. You can also watch English movies for the same purpose.

5)      Get along with people who speak Good English:

No, I am not saying to change your friends circle. I am only asking you to take out some time to be with people who are good at English. You can find local communities, discussion groups where medium of communication is English. You can attend public meetings or other social gatherings where you can find people who always use English as their primary source of communication.

Let me conclude with few more suggestions. I would recommend you not to stick with one method or way that I have mentioned in this article but try to indulge with all the activities. It will not only improve your vocabulary but it will help you to improve your overall communication skills.

If you liked my efforts, please write back in comments; also do not forget to share this article with friends. Suggestions are always welcomed.


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