How to build a career in digital marketing? [Video]

  • Have you done your 10+2 and looking for a career in digital marketing?
  • Done with your graduation and exploring different career opportunities?
  • You have heard about internet marketing or digital marketing and have landed on this page?
  • Want to build a career in digital but have no clue from where to begin?

Before making this video I tried to look for other videos, if people have already explained to students or job seekers who are willing to be a part of the digital band wagon. I found a lot of good videos and I would quote few of them for your reference as well. Overall people are talking about digital marketing just as a freelancing career or a job of an individual.  Whereas I am going to take a lateral view to this topic and I will explain specifically how you can build your career and work for stablished companies either on agency side or on client side.

So, let’s begin with what is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is simply marketing online. Offline marketing has got some limitations and it is limited to branding and awareness but digital marketing has a great penetration in the customer buying journey and it Influences the buying decision at every stage be it awareness, consideration or decision about making that purchase.

Have you ever tried to book an air ticket through cleartrip? And you left the booking process in the middle and started surfing something else online. Later you start to receive ads from cleartrip on offers for the flight you had looked for. This is the level of penetration digital marketing has and can influence the buying decision to an amazing level.

So how do companies or brand take care of their digital marketing?

  • They hire an advertising agency capable of handling the digital advertising too
  • They go for a digital marketing agency who are specialized in digital marketing
  • They hire an in-house team or experts to handle their digital marketing front


It is clear now that as a digital marketing professional you have an opportunity to work with

  • An advertising agency who has a digital front
  • A specialized digital marketing agency
  • At client side being a part of the in-house digital team
  • Client side at a digital communications manager who would deal with agencies to deliver the expected results


A lot of creative advertising agencies have now focus on digital media as it is taking the front row in most of the campaigns. You can see the at Cannes Lions too, the campaign with digital approach have seen more affinity or actually most of the creative work has been done for the digital medium only during the recent years.

The economic crunches everywhere, the changing behaviour of the consumers and a lot of other elements have made this a mandate to have digital marketing as a top priority for brands and companies when they are looking to promote their products. In short there is a huge demand for digital marketing and digital marketing professionals to do this right for the brands.


Now Let me come to subject and talk about how you can start your career in digital marketing. But before getting into that you will have to understand what are different roles available in this field, where you can fit.


Job roles in digital marketing/Career opportunities in digital marketing:

  • Digital Content Creator
    1. Digital Copywriter
    2. Digital Art Director
    3. Graphic Designer
    4. Photographer
    5. Videographer
    6. Video Editor
  • Performance marketing
    1. Digital media planner
    2. Digital media/Performance marketing executive
    3. Digital Analyst
  • Social Media marketing
    1. Social content writer
    2. Social media executive
    3. Analyst
    4. Community Manager
  • Client servicing


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