10 Ways to Cut The Perfectionism Syndrome

The biggest hurdle entrepreneurs or marketers face while working on their next big project is the “perfectionism syndrome”. And it is rightly said if it is perfect it is late. We all at some point in time get stuck because of the pursuit of an ideal result or perfect product and in the end, we end up getting nothing.

For my personal blog, I struggled big time, I have been trying to make something worthwhile for a long time but didn’t do anything at all. I have also been writing a book but every time I open the draft I end up adding new chapters in the menu rather than finishing the ones I have started.

This approach or attitude affects your creative goals and hugely impacts your overall professional performance. And you slowly start to lose the track of time. You feel you are busy most of the time. You start to feel your teammates are not adding value the way they should. Your timelines are not matched, and slowly you start to lose credibility.

I have been a victim of perfectionism syndrome for a really long time. In fact, this perfectionism syndrome has cost me my startup, and my friends like colleagues, and I was even on the verge of losing my family. This pursuit of perfectionism kills everything.

By now you would have also realized at a certain point, that you would have also been through this phase or you may still be in this kind of situation. Trust me, it has not done any good to anyone. What would be the solution? How do avoid it at work or in life? I don’t want to generalize it, but here is what I am trying to do which has helped me to a great level.

  1. Accept flawed work as far as it is better than nothing
  2. Setup strong processes that avoid mistakes
  3. Train your teammates as much as you can
  4. Start trusting other people and their calibre
  5. Follow day discipline (Wakeup time, breakfast time, office time, lunchtime, prayer time etc)
  6. 15 minutes of workout to relieve your stress (this is minimum & yes better than nothing)
  7. Read 2-3 Pages of some good books before you go to bed
  8. Make sure no screentime at least before 30 minutes you to go bed.
  9. Break down your tasks into smaller achievable goals.
  10. Always start your day with easy tasks and finish them fast

This has been helping me to a great extent, finishing the stuff that I had started long back but never finished them on time. Smaller wins are always better than the end goal, you may or may not reach there, but you and the people associated with you will be happy with your smaller wins.

Write to me in the comments about how you are handling this, I would really love to hear it out. Thanks for reading, let’s catch up on Instagram and stay connected 🙂