10 Awesome Tricks While Searching on Google

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First thing first, do not get confused with Tips and Tricks as some sort of hacking. Using these tips and tricks we can get the desired Google results more effectively and efficiently. We can name this as hidden Google secrets or Advanced Google searching. Again these are not coming from no where, these tricks are Introduced by Google itself.

Make your searches more efficient by learning these amazing hidden google tricks. 

1. Use Of ‘+’ sign:

This ensures that the results returned to you will definitely consist of the word following the ‘+’ sign. For Eg :
Search: reviews of +iPhone and iPod
This will show results containing the word reviews or iPod but the results will definitely consist of iPhone !


2. Use Of ‘-‘ sign:

Using ‘-‘ sign before any word will ensure that the particular word will not be included in the results !


3. Use Of ‘~’ sign:

Using ‘~’ before any word will return the results also containing the synonyms of the word !


4. Search a particular site:

To search a particular website you can use the following syntax in the google search :
Search: site:www.xyz.com abc
For Eg :
Search: site:http://careerzest.in/ Google Search


5. Define a word:

To get the definition of a word just use :
Search: define:abc
For Eg : Search: define:Computer
This will return you results which define ‘Computer’.

6. Find Pages similar to a page:

To find a page similar i.e. consisting of same type of content, use the following syntax :
Search: related:http://www.xyz.com/

7. Search for exact phrase:

To search a set of words exactly together i.e.
For Eg :
Search: “contact us”
This will return the results containing both contact and us together !

8. Using the wild card ‘*’:

The * sign can be used in places where the whole word is not known.
For Eg:
Search: friend*
This will return the results containing friend , friends , friendship.

9. Using the ‘?’ sign:

This is used when the full spelling of the word is not known.
For Eg:
Search: fri??d
This will show you result such that in the results in which any alphabet can take the place of ‘?’ sign.

10. Use of boolean operators:

The boolean operators like AND,OR,NOT can be used in search box to connect the words !
The search engine understands them as what they mean but the must be in capital letters !
For Eg:
Search: swim OR float
This will return the results containing either swim or float !

We might have missed out many such amazing tricks while compiling this article, comment below if you know any.


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