Maharashtra MBBS finals, Almas Nazim Syed tops with 11 gold medals

almas nazim sayyed mbbs topper

Almas Nazim Syed of Government Medical College Nagpur, crossed another milestone by securing the top position in Maharashtra MBBS final exam, bagging 11 gold medals and a scholarship.

Daughter of Dr Syed Nazim, a general practitioner, Almas Nazim Syed, has topped every exam in her career. She was a toppor of 2009 Maharashtra HSC board exam, and finally a glorious achievement of being at the top in MBBS. She has reportedly won 11 Gold Medals.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Devenndra Fadnavis in Nashik at 14th Convocation of the Maharashtra University Health Sciences (MUHS), felicitated Almas.

A total of 7,478 students from different streams of medicine were awarded with the convocation. 71 gold medals were given to the students. 9 students were awarded with Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

Adding to her achievement in MBBS, Almas said, “I want to fulfil my mother’s desire that I open a nursing home or a hospital to serve the needy,”

She also added, “I wanted to be gynaecologist and open a hospital since I was in class 5. It was prompted by my grandmother telling us one day that she was not able to pursue her dream of opening a nursing home to look after children’s studies.”



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