Blog, REEL, TikTok, Podcast, Vlog & Repeat!

I have been creating content for a lot of brands or have been heading the teams responsible for creating amazing content. I feel I have personally missed a huge opportunity to create content for myself or my own business.

Now is the time to focus on my brand and create tons of content that would focus on my business, my clients and the activities I am usually involved in.

If you know me personally, you know what I do and what I bring to the table. If you are reading this without knowing me, great! I could reach to one new face 🙂

I am not a guru or an expert, I am just a digital marketer who is working for different startups and brands to grow their business using the right strategist. I have been in this industry for years now, long years, enough to guide any organisation and set them on its path of growth.

I didn’t focus on building personal brand or marketing myself as a digital guru earlier. But it’s NEVER TOO LATE! I am here now starting to blog officially every day from now on till my last day in this world, and that’s a commitment 🙂 (Fingers crossed!)

So here is my schedule:

Blog: 1 Post Everyday

TikTok & REELs: 2 per day

Podcast: Video & Audio – 1 per week

How to videos on business and digital marketing: Several per week 😉 InshaAllah

I will religiously try to follow this routine as soon as possible. If you want me to create content on something specific, don’t forget to write me.


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