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Social Media & Digital Marketing has been my love and passion for long and eventually it is my profession as well. I help business to grow their presence and bring in sales from digital channels. I help people from strategy to execution for their digital marketing activities. I have worked in India & abroad for a decade in digital marketing helping startups and brands to grow their business.

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Here is my story of being a digital marketer:

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I am Faizan Ansari a digital entrepreneur with a decade of experience in multiple digital domains. Being honest, there has been more time spent figuring out what to do than actually doing it. I started working as a website designer in 2008! Yes, that’s long back during my engineering days. Back then the digital marketing term was majorly used by affiliate marketers and bloggers. There was no big digital agency scenario.

I never knew in my life that I would work for a digital marketing agency or later if I would start my own. It all started with one website client who called me and said, “What is the use of this website you have built for me! I have not received a single call or lead in the last three months”. I politely replied to him that his website was not optimized for search engines and that was the reason when people searched the keywords it never appeared.

This incident was a guiding light and I started focusing on SEO & SEM too along with the website design and development. I was freelancing then and in 2009 we formed a company with few friends. Don’t know why we called it “e-Lightening Technologies”. Maybe we were into engineering and technology so that name was quite soothing to our ears.

I was super excited about this company and keep on exploring new avenues to invest my time and energy. Since 2009 I have been doing digital ads and that is really a long time. I have seen these platforms evolving and have loved the process. The biggest mistake I made during all this year was not to focus on building a personal blog and personal brand.

It’s never too late! Right? I am assuming this blog will help me fill this gap of years and I will be able to help people with all my skills and expertise. In return, I would expect some comments, likes, and shares 🙂

Let me continue with my story!

It was going all fine, in 2010 we added social media as well as a service to our customers. I was happy but not everyone around me. People thought I would not be able to scale it or take it to the next level, I had to prove them wrong. But actually, I failed! I could not scale it. Trying to scale fast was the worst decision of my life. I could have continued with the pace, could have gone with the flow, could have simply believed in the organic growth. Until early 2013 it was going all fine with 9 employees and some good work to do. But everything does not go as you plan.

We were big with the number of employees but slowly started losing accounts as we were not capable to handle the requests. I faced some issues with copyrights as well. It was a complete ignorance and I was not prepared for anything of that sort.

I started to lose money and eventually going into debts. This lead to some wrong decisions both in personal and professional life. I thought building products would help us have a sustainable business model. However, did never had a mentor till then and there was no proper planning for that too. Got involved too much into the idea, the focus was not on the services and I kept on losing money.

In Feb 2014, I took a call and closed down the office. When we were shutting down, I tried to help all my employees to settle with other jobs. I successfully managed to do that, and they were all placed in different companies with my reference. They all are doing good with their respective careers and I still miss the initial team of mine. I took a small job for one year as a digital marketing manager for a small startup in Pune. Helped them strategize to bring sales, and I succeeded in that. This gave me the motivation to keep moving. “Sales” was the core I had been doing all that long.

However, I wanted to explore my potential with bigger brands and especially I wanted to work a big agency. Few names that I was looking for back then was: BBDO, Leo Bernett, McKinsey being the best consulting firm, and even Havas Worldwide was in the list. Fortunately, I got a job with Havas Worldwide (now they have rebranded to only Havas). The job was not in India, it was in Muscat, Oman. Another challenge for a married guy. Well, I took the challenge and moved to Muscat alone and after a few months called my wife too. Muscat was the 4th city I was going to live in.

I was born and brought up in a small city ‘Malegaon’ in India. Later I lived in Pune for education, worked in Mumbai for a few years, then came back to Pune for work and now it was a different country altogether. I worked in Muscat for two years and a few months. Gathered some exciting experiences working with the top brands in the country. I was majorly involved in “Digital Strategy”, “Media Planning”, “Social Media Content Planning” & “Execution of Everything” with the respective teams.

You heard about the story of me being an entrepreneur, failing, learning, going for a job and then moving to Muscat but there was a lot before that. If at all it was interesting, here is a story that starts from my childhood, you can read it here at Rodinhood’s blog:

Let’s come back and try to look at the professional expertise and excellence I have achieved. Before going to Muscat, I worked with small startups with limited budgets, these startups were totally relying on the business we used to bring in from SEO, SEM & Social Media. We proudly managed to help them grow from the monthly budget of 5000 INR to 50,000 and even 100,000 INR a month. Over a period of 5 years, we created more than 100 websites, did more than 500 campaigns for advertising and social media. During that period we also worked for some digital & advertising agencies. One of my projects was aired on national TV. If you remember BigBoss 8, there was a battery App Task, that campaign was designed by us.

In Oman, I was part of the winning team for 2 major awards, one for Nissan & other two for Oman Air.  With the team of only 3 social media executives and digital executive, I have had 14 accounts being managed at a time. This was not from the day one. I was a part of some amazing pitch wins which included a few of the following brands in Oman: INFINITI, Oman Data Park, Al Mouj Muscat, BMW etc.

Over a period of time, I have worked with brands like BMW & Nissan & startups like Vorbicon, Purplechai, and many other small and big players. I have learned the secrets of survival & growth. I know how to bring in sales with minimum investment. I have helped a lot of startups to launch new products. I also have handled campaigns of worth 1 million dollars.

I can surely be able to add value to your business or brand.

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My Entrepreneurial Ventures:

  • e-Lightening Technologies (2009 to 2014) Websites – Apps – SEO – SEM – Social Media
  • Careerzest (2011 to 2014) – Content (This we might continue)
  • Beyond Billboards (Sept 2017 till date) – Strategy, Sales, Digital Advertising, Branding, Social Media, SEO, SEM, Websites, Apps

Beyond Billboards is a digital consulting & services agency based in Pune with clients in India & Gulf. We do not have full digital advertising accounts in all of these countries. However, we help our clients with strategic marketing & sales activities through various digital activations.

Services Beyond Billboards offers:

-> Digital Strategy
-> Digital Marketing Consulting
-> Digital Transformation (Consulting, Planning, and Execution)
-> Social Media Strategy
-> Social Media Planning & Execution
-> Integrated Digital Marketing Campaign Development
-> Digital Marketing Team Development & Management (India, UAE, Oman, Qatar, KSA)
-> Business Development & Sales Optimization

Other Digital Services:

Digital Branding, Digital Content Design & Development, Website Design & Development, Mobile Application Development

Digital Products that we have built:

At Beyond Billboards, with the help of amazing tech partners, we have developed some cool digital products in the most modern technologies such as AR, VR, AI & ML for retail, real estate & auto clients.

Digital Marketing Training

-> Social Media Marketing MasterClass (Happens every month)
-> Digital Marketing Workshop (Happens every quarter)

You can get in touch with me for:

  • Consulting for digital marketing
  • Digital marketing strategy for your business
  • Digital marketing training for your employees
  • Managing your overall digital marketing activities
  • Speaking at your event about digital/social media

You can send an email to hello[at] (replace [at] with @)

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